Catching a killer is a piece of cake… Or is it?

 A jazz-themed restaurant, a dangerous poisoning…

 Mindy and Beth hurry to uncover a dangerous murderer, before it’s too late. Too bad Mindy’s nemesis Neve insists on “helping”…

4 stars

Mindy and Beth are hired to look into the possible poisoning case. What they find out is tragic. There’s rumors of ghosts, a stalker who likes to leave red roses, and possibly bad ceviche.

 This book seemed a little slower and dragged a little with an overabundance of users details in some places. Overall the book was good and you wavered back and forth as to who the culprit would be.

 It wasn’t a cliffhanger but does seem to be left open for another story.

It’s worth reading and enjoying.

Pick up your copy:


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